Is Budgeting the Best Way to Save? Seven Personal Finance Myths

I have always believed the bulk of this information, but some of it is new to me and has really opened my eyes.



Think you’re financially savvy? When it comes to their personal finances, people carry around notions all their lives that may or may not be valid. For example, you’ve heard that money can’t buy you love, but can it buy happiness? Most people believe that it can’t — but science may prove them wrong.Money and happiness

Here are seven personal finance myths that happen to be everyday beliefs about the way we consider and handle money. Many of these myths fool even the smartest of savers. The latest research will help you discern the facts and see through the smoke.

Budgeting Is the Best Way to Save Money

A study by researchers from Brigham Young University and Emory University shows that consumers who shopped with a spending limit spent up to 50 percent more on a single item than consumers without a budget.

Jeff Larson, the study’s co-author and an assistant…

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